Crazy Kitchen Online for PC – Free Download

February 20, 2015, Category: Games
Crazy Kitchen Online for PC – Free Download
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   Crazy Kitchen brings you another game to combine equal elements, with the mechanism to mark pieces rather than swap them around. Additionally, as more pieces are involved, the more points you get, and create special items. A fun point of application is the possibility to generate your avatar.

He is customized with a photo that combines with the ambiance and style of the characters displayed on the screen. In addition, the creation of the image is quite simple, since just choose a picture and leave the face on behalf of the program. There is a degree of difficulty you choose, but, as usual, the game begins a little easier.

In this way, it simplifies the adjustment of the player mechanism. With respect to the gameplay, the game control is easy because all you need to do is draw a line between the little pieces, using the touch to it. Are straight lines horizontally and vertically, and diagonal links, too.

Touch response time is immediate, causing the action to occur exactly when you indicate, something important to avoid frustration during the match.

Good ambianc

The graph and the drawings are two-dimensional and are very well made, being able to convey perfectly the idea of the game, in addition to being made into a type of illustration that causes the title to be more relaxed. The background music is very lively, helping in the immersion in the game, in addition to not disturb the concentration during the course of the match.

The other sounds are related to actions taken at the game and are well synchronized and according to what is seen. The levels are stored independently, allowing you to redo any of them if you want to increase your score. To unlock the next stage, you must complete the previous proposal, as usually happens.

The game has short matches, serving both to pass the time as for fun for several hours. So if you like games of logic or of the genre called stones and colors, will certainly have fun with the Crazy Kitchen.

Free Download: Crazy Kitchen for PC – Crazy Kitchen for Android

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