Creature Academy Online for PC – Free download

November 22, 2014, Category: Games
Creature Academy Online for PC – Free download
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Creature-Academy-Online-for-PC-freeAcademy of creatures is a role-playing game in which you will join the students of the Academy Eloi to defeat an ancient evil that was released on the Monde. The game has a well functioning classic style for the category and, in it, you will go out on adventures by the game world, exploring the scenery and defeating enemies.

The game also has an arena mode, however, at first he is not released for beginner players. In Adventure mode, you get a series of missions that must be completed to his characters and his creatures can earn experience points and evolve the level.

When you are exploring the map, will always find enemies, so it’s interesting that you keep your organized combat training. It is also ideal to use adequate resources during the fighting so that all existing battles until the end of the round can be supplemented with victory.

Their progress and their conquests are recorded as you complete missions, causing the game to be a good option for both fill minutes idle how to play for hours on end. Another interesting point is that you can acquire equipment for their characters in the game market, as well as new monsters.

A lot of entertainment

The graph and the designs are very well prepared, as well as the animations seen on the screen. The background music is lively, to make you get in the mood introduced with the history of the game. The other sounds are related to the actions seen on the screen and are very well synchronized with the event. Another factor that deserves attention is the fact that the game be mild, even with good resources.

The game lacks a degree of difficulty to choose from, but it starts at an easier level, even so that the player can adjust not only to the type of challenge, but also the mechanics of its operation. In addition, the first actions are guided entirely so you can understand how they are completed.

Basically, all tasks are performed by the commands available on the screen and all these buttons have a proper identification. Still, as there are a lot of interactions available in the game, everything can seem a bit confusing at first. So, ideally, you explore each of the options, as this will help you understand how to use them.

Free download: Creature Academy Online for PC

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