Dark Corridors 2 Online for PC – Free Download

December 24, 2014, Category: Games
Dark Corridors 2 Online for PC – Free Download
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Dark-corridors-2-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Dark Corridors 2 PC is an application that brings a macabre adventure into your Android. Guiding a young student who runs desperately through the corridors of an abandoned school, your mission is to help the girl to collect the largest possible number of souls and dodge the obstacles and monsters that appear without warning.

Race of evil

The gameplay is fast and will not, in fact, to scare those accustomed with the genre. The control scheme based on accelerometer and gestures are intuitive and guarantees precision so that gamers keep the focus on the challenges.

The large number of items, clothes and unlockable characters sum points when Dark Corridors 2 and should keep gamers most committed well motivated. However, transaction prices are well salted and only who spend money with microtransactions should take advantage of all the possibilities.

Macabre school

The graphics are completely modeled in 3D and, taking into account the proposal stripped of title, provide a set acceptable. The animations are fluid, the bugs are scary and like interface screens for ease of use.

In terms of sound, Dark Corridors 2 won’t disappoint those looking for terror. The background music is the macabre and the effects of skipping, collisions and other interactions are realistic and should please most who are using headphones.

Free Download: Dark Corridors 2 for PC – Dark Corridors 2 for Android

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