Dead Lands Reclaim Online for PC – Free Download

January 24, 2015, Category: Games
Dead Lands Reclaim Online for PC – Free Download
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Dead-Lands-Reclaim-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Dead Lands Reclaim PC is a game of base defense or Tower Defense where you need to keep your House safe, preventing a bunch of zombies invade their gates and put an end to everything and everyone.

The gameplay of the game is very similar to any other type of game. You just need to position their defense weapons on the way to his castle. With that, whenever a new horde of monsters arrive, you can destroy them while walking.

It turns out that Dead Lands Reclaim Free has a very high difficulty level from the beginning and therefore more powerful monsters appear already in the early stages to try and defeat you. You must also always keep guns in good condition or the zombies destroy them over time. I.e. This is a title in which the player really needs to be “multitasking”.

The graphics are good. The scenarios are very detailed, there is a considerable variety of details and characters, but the resolution of the game is not of the best, if you want to play on devices with large screen. Other than that, there is little movement as well. For cash, however, there are many Visual effects running all the time during game.

In our tests, we did not find any problem running with Dead Lands Reclaim Free. It works perfectly well and without difficulties, as slowness and crashes. Regarding the soundtrack, during the matches, there is no background music. Everything you hear is the sound effects, such as the sounds of the monsters and weapons.

Anyway, it’s worth doing the test with Dead Lands Reclaim Free.

Free Download: Dead Lands Reclaim for PC – Dead Lands Reclaim for Android

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