Dead Zed 2 Online for PC

March 9, 2014, Category: Games
Dead Zed 2 Online for PC
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dead-zed-2-online-for-pcDead Zed 2: Do not let the human race is wiped out by the living dead

In continuation of the game Dead Zed, people continue dying mysteriously and turning up as monsters hungry for human flesh. Therefore, it is up to you to help the few survivors to escape the clutches of the zombies.

Build barricades to hold back the advancement of such creatures as spends his days fighting hard to keep this group safely. Browse all cities to find the way in search of shelter to spend evenings, medicines to heal the wounds and even ammunition and new weapons to keep the undead apart (lying on the floor).

Tip: get spotlight to make your life easier during the nightly attacks.

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