Dino Tower Online for PC – Free Download

December 15, 2014, Category: Games
Dino Tower Online for PC – Free Download
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Dino-Tower-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Dino Tower PC  is an action game in which you are in charge of leaving a dinosaur extremely high, riding his neck one little piece at a time. In practice, it is a game of building blocks towers, but with a slightly different theme and a cheerful ambience, and can be used for various age groups.

The game is not divided into phases, adopting a working model in which your task is to try to leave the neck of largest dinosaur to each match. Still, don’t worry, because the cookies (the game’s currency) obtained during the game remain stored in your account.

Similarly, he doesn’t bring a degree of difficulty to choose from, but it starts easier, in addition to having a working style of simple understanding. The background doesn’t change much, but there are some dinosaurs to choose from. Initially only one of them is available, but the others can be unlocked with cookies.

The dinosaur more pecker neck

The system of controls is of easy use, since all the tasks are performed only by touching the screen of your smartphone. The response time to the command is immediate, causing you to not suffer with delays and making the game easy to control. The graph is very well prepared, adopting a multicolored background.

In addition, the design of the dinosaur itself, which is seen initially looks like a children’s book illustration, providing a captivating touch to the title. The game adopts the background a sound that is related to the setting of the game and the rest of the audio serves to represent the interactions that the Player performs with the scenario.

However, even though the game has good animations and a beautiful visual level, it is very light and should not cause problems in its operation, even if it is installed on a device with a little more limited resources.

Free Download:  Dino Tower  for PC – Dino Tower for Android

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