Dino Tribe Online for PC – Free Download

February 6, 2015, Category: Games
Dino Tribe Online for PC – Free Download
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   Dino Tribe PC is a game of RPG that will suit all types of players, but especially to those just starting out. He has a visual organized, indicates all the time when there are upgrades available for your characters and has some very interesting battles and active.

Namely, in addition to up-level characters and recruit new monsters, you need to actually fight enemies not just position the heroes and expect them to do their part. In this way, it is a game of RPG that has action too and you need a good strategy to use the correct moves at the right time.

Visual loaded, but intuitive

A problem of RPG games, for those just starting out playing, is that they are not very intuitive in visual. The menus are usually full of buttons and different options, which is not always appeals to those who are not familiar with this style. Dino Tribe has some of that, but so much more organized.

During the tutorial, you know the main areas of the game and it is possible to understand exactly when and for what you need to enter at each site. That is, it is full of menus, but the explanations are very clear and the visual does not become confused.

As for the battle scenario, everything is pretty simple as is expected of a free game and mobile, but he is definitely well done and full of interesting animations for each strike and defense. Although it seems three-dimensional, he is in 2D, which ends up being a more interesting alternative since it uses so much memory and cell processing and is fancier in the way that is done.

Fights and levels

At first, it is not difficult to win a fight without much effort, since he is very simple and has enemies well below your character. However, this changes over time and, if you do not adopt a sound strategy, you may have to repeat some duel several times.

What helps a lot, and counts as a positive point for new players, is that it has many items that are given for free in the middle of the gambling, and you can make a good upgrade of their status before arriving in the battles really more strained, with enemies that will make you have to spend your entire strategy.

Another interesting detail is that he is already in action, leaving the stories and explanations in the background. In other words, be prepared to battle fairly, since the events of the game are just a background for all duels.

Worth download and test this game, especially if you want a simple and intuitive option of RPG to start to adapt with the universe of this type of game. It is available only in English, but the Visual explanations are good enough so anyone with basic knowledge of the language can play quietly.

Free Download: Dino Tribe for PC – Dino Tribe for Android

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