Don’t Get Wet Online for PC – Free Download

December 12, 2014, Category: Games
Don’t Get Wet Online for PC – Free Download
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Don't-Get-Wet-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Don t Get Wet ´PC  is a game in which you must make two characters don’t get wet. The differential of him, however, is that you control both at the same time, and they possess an independent drive system. In addition, if any of them get wet, the game ends.

That way, you get an additional challenge, which is to calculate the best positioning for two characters, one on each side of the screen. The game is divided into stages, and your goal is always to try to prevent the protagonists get wet by the greater amount of time possible. Your score is counted by the drops of water which you looked away.

The ambiance is very relaxed title adopted by offering a fun scenario and with a cheerful touch, especially for style brought by the characters.

Hard right from the start

There are no degrees of difficulty to choose from, and it is possible to say that the game is difficult from the beginning, because you have two fronts to maintain attention. The system of controls of the game, however, is quite simple, because simply tap the screen of your smartphone to move the desired character.

As they move individually, it is necessary to perform the action on both sides and exactly at the point at which you want to place each of the pets. The response time to the command is immediate, causing you to not suffer with delays in interpretation of the actions taken.

The game has no background music, but that’s not enough to be a problem, because it uses the sound of water as ambient sound, helping the player to stay focused in the match. The other sounds are related to interactions with the scenario, and all are in good sync with the visual component.

Even with a good graphic quality, with very elegant illustrations in a default in 8 bits, the game is lightweight and can be used in more modest smartphones without any kind of problem.

Free Download:  Don’t Get Wet  for PC  – Don’t Get Wet  for Android

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