Download Elf Kingdom Defense for PC

March 13, 2015, Category: Games
Download Elf Kingdom Defense for PC
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   The tower defense began simply, with a defense system based on towers that were attacking the enemy automatically. Plants vs. Zombies has revolutionized everything by adding zombies and humor into the mix. Elf Kingdom Defense PC , in turn, seems to use his elves fofíssimos and his contagious joy to follow the same path.

That means the new game let the saga of Plants vs. Zombies eating dust, almost forcing you to uninstall the classic on your phone? Of course not. However, the game of creatures oval may represent the beginning of a new path for the genre, in addition to being a beautiful gateway to anyone who wants to get started in this type of gambling.

For starters, Elf Kingdom Defense is inspired by body and soul in visual of popular titles like Candy Crush Saga – adopting inclusive a map similar to him. This can cause the style of play can attract enough younger audiences and the feminine, but don’t be surprised if the big guys also want to be part of the fun.

The production exudes quality, with beautiful graphics that highlight the cuteness of little elves, the phases and even the monsters enemies. The interface, even if only in English, is quite intuitive and fluid, causing anyone to have difficulties to start a new game. In terms of sound, the effects and the soundtrack are the first, packing the adventure.

Everyone can enjoy the Elves

The initial tutorial Elf Kingdom Defense is extremely short, lasting less than a minute, but making it clear how each element in the game. As the mechanics of the game itself is simple – especially when compared to titles like Defenders and Radiant Defense – even if they never enjoyed a tower defense will feel at home right away.

Touching the vacant spaces of the scenario, you open the menu of Elves available for stage, simply slide your finger upwards of one of them to select and position the bug. To upgrade the drives the process is like, being only necessary to click and drag the icon chosen Elf up – as long as there are sufficient resources.

Although at first everything seems pretty easy, especially in the first phase, each new wave of attackers brings some differential for gambling, is a creature who walk faster or an enemy extremely resistant. The concern with the difficulty and the sense of challenge is evident and should please both beginners and the more experienced.

A nice addition to the genre is that, in addition to obtaining resources killing the invaders, the coins can also be collected after killing some neutral structures positioned on a map. These items have a life a little bigger than the monsters, but when defeated offer a considerable amount of gold as reward.

Don’t judge a game by its cover!

All this means that nobody should make a mistake with visual cute Elf Kingdom of Defense, since the app is quite stuffed underneath that Shell cheerful and pleasant. Need to worry about the new enemies, discover strengths and weaknesses of their units and balancing your firepower between killing opponents and destroy structures to collect extra features.

In addition, specific tasks for each level and small boosts that can be purchased with gems in the early phases complement very competent fun – balancing things according to their ability.

An in-game shop sells packages of gems for real money, but, as the additional resource serves only to buy new lives, is becoming increasingly less necessary – especially if you get the hang of the game quickly.

It is likely that some twist the nose for the Elf-themed Kingdom Defense or having prejudice with a tower defense that looks like a game to collect candy and pebbles, but these will lose a great experience on your phone. The only really annoying thing in the app are full-screen ads that pop up from time to time.

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