Download Westbound: Gold Rush for PC

March 13, 2015, Category: Games
Download Westbound: Gold Rush for PC
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   People who enjoy stories inspired by the Wild West and who also like to play games of managing cities and farms, surely will enjoy plenty of Westbound: Gold Rush PC – a game that unites these two concepts. With 2D graphics, but with 3D characters, the visual of the title is beautiful and fancy (mild and that should run on devices more humble).

For fans of the old West

The characters have excellent animations and walk through the natural mode scenario. Speaking of scenario, he can set very well that Western vision that many of us have: an arid place, old, desert and with buildings of the time. Still in the technical part of the game, the sound effects match the context of the title, with lively music and guitar chords.

However, the game is entirely in English. In this case, this could be a negative factor, since Westbound: Gold Rush has a lot of dialogue (and one must understand these conversations to better appreciate the plot and know what to do). So you know: If you don’t know a little English, the game can be a bit boring for you.

In addition, the game features many commands and menus with options to expand the village, but it is not complicated to navigate between them (although they are many). This is thanks to the icons which are well explained and the countless tutorials that introduce its functions. Therefore, the gameplay becomes not something complex.

Unfortunately, the progress of the game that is not very noticeable, because the impression we have is that it takes a lot of gold and time to really get to develop the village and find enough gold. But if you’re someone patient and available time, Westbound: Gold Rush may have a lot of fun. This is an app filled with things to be discovered and that is pretty neat.

Free Download: Westbound: Gold Rush for PC – Westbound: Gold Rush for Android

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