Drag Race: Rush Online for PC – Free Download

January 21, 2015, Category: Games
Drag Race: Rush Online for PC – Free Download
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Drag-Race-Rush-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Drag Race: Rush PC is a racing game in three dimensions that follows a traditional operating model of drag race style. In it, you will put all your skills to the test, changing gears at the time correct and leveraging as much as the start in order to start in front with respect to your opponent.

The game is not of the type that you’ll have to Dodge other cars or running around a track full of opponents. Here, the artificial intelligence typically controls only one competitor and your objective is to beat him to the finish line. The application brings several car models, however, initially there are only four available for you to choose from.

The main difference between them is in the attributes and it’s interesting that you look for a model with which to identify more, both in terms of visual as regarding specialty offered. Although there is a degree of difficulty to choose from, the game system is quite simple and there is a tutorial explaining how it works to help understanding.

Appropriate controls, compatible scenery

The commands are performed in a simple way and are answered immediately, with no delay in response and making the game easy to control. That’s because the buttons to perform the actions are on the side of the screen, not creating a blind spot on the display. Additionally, they are answered shortly after touch, avoiding delays to complete the tasks.

The background music is lively, to make you enter the atmosphere of adrenaline and speed. The other sounds are related to movement on the track and the audio is very well synchronized with what is seen on the screen. Still, if you don’t like the sound, it can be entirely disabled in the settings of the game.

The graph and the designs are very well developed, being a great representation of the physical models and bringing a wealth of details on the vehicle and on the track. This fact makes the game be a little heavy, but if you are experiencing slowness, may decrease a bit graphics quality in the application settings.

Free Download: Drag Race: Rush for PC – Drag Race: Rush for Android

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