Dragon Hills Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

April 10, 2015, Category: Games
Dragon Hills Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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Dragon-Hills-Online-for-PC-Windows-Free-Download   Dragon Hills PC is an excellent puzzle game, platform and adventure race in which your objective is to guide a little Princess on Board of a dragon. Go down the snow filled hills defeating Knights, conquering castles and discovering new regions.

The game has a very amusing proposal, which unites both the descent through the snow as the entry inside her, in addition to the impulses that you can get to jump. This provides a fairly unusual and different gameplay, which will make the game even better.

Insane gambling

The matches are fraught with obstacles and enemies throughout the scenarios that may impede your progress in several different ways. For example: the Knights shoot with bows, while the magma can prevent you from entering snow.

The pace of gambling is mind-blowing. The more you advance, the more the game is accelerated. Everything happens very fast, causing you to miss some details. But that doesn’t hinder the gameplay in any way.

Excellent visual quality

The title has excellent graphics. The design of the game is quite unique and very well built, with very detailed elements and scenarios. Moreover, the animations are a chapter aside, thanks to wide variety of moves and effects including explosions.

The soundtrack for the game is also very well made. Add that to all the fun provided by title, with the adventures happening at breakneck pace and ease of playability, and you will have an explosive formula that promises fall like the players.

Free Download: Dragon Hills for PC – Dragon Hills for Android

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