Dragon Storm Online for PC – Free Download

December 2, 2014, Category: Games
Dragon Storm Online for PC – Free Download
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Dragon-Storm-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadDragon Storm is a third-person action game that follows a model of real-time arena, in which you will face increasingly opponents as time passes. In it, the protagonist is completely surrounded by the most varied creatures and has only his ability to defeat all of them.

The game brings together all the commands available in a pane at the bottom of the screen and all you need to do to use them is to press the desired option. The attacks occur immediately after you perform the touch, however the special skill of the character needs to be loaded to be thrown.

The time to wait for it to be “replenished” can be observed in the button itself, since there is a kind of meter. The special items are activated when you have in inventory.

A great ambiance

The type of ambience and background of the game remains the same during the match, but the enemies are well diversified. You will face a wide variety of creatures, in addition to the amount of opponents increase considerably as its advance. Similarly, towards the end of the stage presents a fight against a boss.

The graph and the drawings are extremely elaborate and possess various details in the illustrations. Additionally, they adopt an 8-bit format, making the game, and elegant, has a nostalgic touch. The background music follows that idea, reinforcing the relaxed atmosphere of the game. The other sounds accompany the actions performed on the screen, and everything is nicely synchronized.

Divided into phases

The game brings a degree of difficulty to choose from, but he gets a little bit easier for you to get used to his style of functioning. The game has timephased, making it can be interrupted and resumed as you have time available for play.

Similarly, if you want to improve your score, you can redo any of the levels the choosing on a map of game.

Free Download:   Dragon Storm for PC – Dragon Storm for Android

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