Dragon Warlords Online for PC – Free Download

November 30, 2014, Category: Games
Dragon Warlords Online for PC – Free Download
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Dragon-Warlords-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadDragon Warlords is a game in which you face enemy armies to try to dominate the world of Adan piece. In it, the battles happen often, being as a way to expand their territories or to defend themselves from the invaders. Unlike other games, here you end up wasting resources with great frequency, because there is no protection system for beginners: soon, get used to enter the game and read a report of damages.

The graphics displayed have good quality, with virtually all of the elements in three dimensions (in your Castle, although he is in 2D, the art is definitely happening to pass the impression of painting). The Visual effects in combat do not count with many details, however, being possible to see only the movement of the soldiers, without flashy fireballs to excite the player.

Build an empire

The commands in Dragon Warlords do not require a lot of your attention, because all you have to do during the fights is to indicate which send units to the battlefield. Thus, it remains only the strategy: how to defeat the enemy in less than three minutes, when both sides have almost the same strength? Everything will depend on their choices and reactions to events on the battlefield.

The sound effects are a bit repetitive in the game, plus the soundtrack also not be very varied. Although the first serve its purpose and indicate the events of the battle and the second helps set the mood of the game, changing as the situation (offering something appropriate to the proposal of the title), the overall quality of the sound leaves much to be desired. With constant flaws and repetition, let everything muted is the best alternative.

Free Download:  Dragon Warlords for PC – Dragon Warlords for Android

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