Drancia Online for PC – Free Download

January 3, 2015, Category: Games
Drancia Online for PC – Free Download
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Drancia-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Drancia PC can be considered a mashup of styles. We can perceive him elements of RPG and platform. If you’re not a fan of turn-based RPG paradões games, don’t worry, this quick reflexes are rewarded.

It is not clear what the goal of the title or why we’re fighting nonstop with hundreds of monsters. But that doesn’t make the game bad. The most interesting is that it is not necessary to have a great gaming experience, simply wanting to play and knowing push buttons (in this case, tap the screen).

This fluke works great to attract more players, who will have fun killing off monsters, collecting coins and getting more powerful. Speaking of which, improve the character’s need, because as you advance, enemies become a more complicated challenge. All this without counting the big bosses that can end the adventure in no time.


Graphically the game reminds the 16-bit games, with that pixelated style and colorful. It’s not just in visual we have this impression: the sound about the same feeling of nostalgia, with the songs or sounds. In fact, all of the title has it, even the simple gameplay will make the more nostalgic remembering their SNES and Mega Drive.

So, if you are in order to play a dynamic ROLE and without commitments, Drancia is a fun option for you to spend your time annihilating monsters and recalling the ancient games.

Free Download: Drancia for PC – Drancia for Android

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