Drive Motors 2 Online for PC – Free Download

March 9, 2015, Category: Games
Drive Motors 2 Online for PC – Free Download
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   Drive Motors 2 PC is a racing game in which you compete against the computer, being only necessary to steer clear of the obstacles on the track (other vehicles) to go increasingly increasing your score; until, finally, the game ends with a fatal accident at high speed. Although not very varied and the difficulty is high, the amount of upgrades available is considerable and can encourage you to continue playing.

Despite this, the number of advertisements in the game is quite exaggerated: not only is displayed whenever you come back to the screen from the garage, as it is also possible to activate them manually, either by touching by mistake on an ad, or to release extra lives and score multipliers. I.e. not to repeat too much the same early phase, maybe it’s almost interesting watch 30 seconds of commercial every two minutes of play.

The graphs presented in the game are of excellent quality, with excellent resolution in the visual as well as textures very well worked and borders outlined with precision, without serrated for being seen. The variety of cars available is great, not only in color, but presenting different models to be purchased (although their prices are salted and require a very high playing time to be obtained).

Fun, but hard work

The gameplay of Drive Motors 2 is a bit problematic, with main emphasis on devices with smaller screens to a tablet. After all, the extra tracks on the screen makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly when you will only pass close or hitting obstacles. Moreover, even decreasing the sensitivity, she is still a bit too high. On the other hand, there are three options of control of the vehicle, and may alleviate this problem if you have a preferred method of handling.

How is it possible to repair what has been said before, the difficulty of the game is relatively high, because not only you can’t see straight when you hit something, how to prevent that from happening is complicated due to high speed. In relation to the background music, she is good, although a little repetitive, since you’re always restarting the matches (and, consequently, the melody). The same can be said of the sound effects, even if they are not too prominent.

Free Download: Drive Motors 2 for PC – Drive Motors 2 for Android

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