Drone : Shadow Strike Online for PC – Free Download

November 30, 2014, Category: Games
Drone : Shadow Strike Online for PC – Free Download
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Drone-Shadow-Strike-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadDrone: Shadow Strike is a puzzle game in which your goal is to control a drone from your cell phone and get Buckshot in their enemies on the ground. Attack and destroy all targets with powerful and varied weapons to win the war.

The game is extremely fun, because controlling a drone from a distance provides a certain sense of reality. In addition, you can point the whole field of battle from a camera attached to the drone, in addition to being able to see everything with a FLIR camera, able to monitor their opponents with heat vision.

Embark on an ominous war

Drone: Shadow Strike has lots of fun challenges. Basically, you will have to send bullets and bombs on top of its opponents and that’s really interesting because each weapon has a different kind of mira, further increasing the difficulty.

The game still allows attacking groups of soldiers, Scouts, military vehicles, tanks and helicopters. You have to choose the right weapon to damage more effective in his opponents, causing you to burn the brain in search of the best options.

Realistic Visual

Drone: Shadow Strike has pretty realistic graphics. The game features enough details of the vehicles, making gambling a lot more exciting. In addition, convinced scenarios, making the game much more immersive.

The game also shines in another aspect: the animations. The effects of bombs is very well produced, leaving the gambling much more interesting. In addition, any drive on the sight and of the characters is well made. To top it off, the sound effects and soundtrack complete the experience.

Free Download:  Drone : Shadow Strike for PC – Drone : Shadow Strike for Android

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