Dungeon & Sushi Nyang Online for PC – Free Download

April 16, 2015, Category: Games
Dungeon & Sushi Nyang Online for PC – Free Download
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Dungeon-Sushi-Nyang-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   If you’re a fan of kittens (and RPG), it is very likely that Dungeon & Sushi Nyang PC the Tickle. In this game every 8-bit style pixelated, which appears to be much older than it really is (a release, actually), we find a village dominated by cats that are very scared of the monsters that inhabit the basement of the place – and it’s up to you, the feline hero, the responsibility to clear the Dungeon of enemies.

The graphics are simple, as expected of a game with 8-bit concept, however they are very beautiful, with vibrant colors and able to create charismatic characters (own kitten fighter has a funny smile that is always displayed). The animations are fluid and occur naturally, much more smooth than a 8-bit game.

The songs that pack the battles

An interesting point of Dungeon & Sushi Nyang is the fact that the game has classical music soundtrack-a rather peculiar choice to follow the adventures of pussy underground. While punches are delivered and monsters are wiped out, you’re listening to a beautiful violin and a piano in the background. It is likely that some people not liking that combination, but there is no denying that she is original and daring.

This is a fairly simple game and there are not many things to do besides killing the monsters underground (something that is as challenging as well). So, fast Dungeon & Sushi Nyang can become repetitive, since there are not many stimuli for you play it continuously.

Free Download: Dungeon & Sushi Nyang for PC – Dungeon & Sushi Nyang for Android

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