Dwarfs & Dragons Online for PC – Free Download

March 20, 2015, Category: Games
Dwarfs & Dragons Online for PC – Free Download
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   Games in which you must build your village and defend it from invaders are no longer news. However, Dwarfs & Dragons PC is a game quite promising in the style “Clash of Clans”. One of the reasons for this are different mechanical game incorporates.

It all starts with the way you see your village. By extending the screen, you can see the villages of other players who are online at that moment. You can choose between attacking them or combine them, sharing resources.

Another feature is the ability to move their entire village to another region. In doing so, the walls disappear, but that’s not a problem, because in Dwarfs & Dragons you can draw them easily.

The mechanics of attacks is also different from the traditional method of just releasing his troops. The game uses a mixture of real-time battles and shifts. Each unit has a cost and to win enemies earns you more to use in creating the new units.

The game focuses his troops also in his own name, namely, Dwarves and Dragons (in Portuguese). There are still a lot of different interactions, such as the possibility of attacking and eating animals that go through your life, yielding more meat, one of the “coins” of the game.

Dwarfs & Dragons is full of surprises for those who already got tired of Clash of Clans. The game features plenty of fun and will surprise those who think you’ve seen every Clash related games.


Different gameplay
Many new ideas for a game of the genre
When moving the village walls vanish

Free Download: Dwarfs & Dragons for PC – Dwarfs & Dragons for iOS

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