EA SPORTS™ UFC® Online for PC – Free Download

April 22, 2015, Category: Games
EA SPORTS™ UFC® Online for PC – Free Download
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EA-SPORTS-UFC-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   EA SPORTS ™ UFC ® PC is the mobile version of the title of the same name that was originally released for the eighth generation consoles. Here, you can choose your favorite wrestlers and down to beat up opponents directly on the screen of your smartphone or tablet without having to use a physical control.

Watch movements

The gameplay has been carefully adapted to the new platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to dominate all the commands offered. As well as in the version for consoles, EA SPORTS ™ UFC ® has a large number of mechanics that require a good learning time on the part of the players.

The dynamic tutorial that runs at the beginning does a good job teaching the scams and basic skills, but things get a little more complicated when it is necessary to take decisions in real time. In fact, as commands can vary widely depending on the direction of a gesture, who are not careful could turn into a punching bag in the hands of the adversary.

Solid mechanics

Fans are a very rich mechanics and well crafted with dozens of moves and abilities, which is excellent. The campaign also has a good number of challenges and the opportunity to develop the career of several famous athletes sum many points to the work.

Despite the praise, those looking just a bit of fun can be scared in EA SPORTS ™ UFC ®, since it won’t take long for opponents begin to fight back at the height of a true professional. In addition, salted sheep prices upgrades and energy can often thwart the progression of who’s not into spending real money with microtransactions.

Total immersion

About the graphics, the title of EA for mobiles doesn’t equal the realism of the console version, demonstrating that the company preferred to follow a line that increases the accessibility of the product. This means that even people with more modest devices will get good performance.

Despite this, the visual set of EA SPORTS ™ UFC ® is not weak. The animations are well decked out, the textures have acceptable definition and, in General, the title offers an excellent sense of immersion and realism. The sounds also follow in the same line and offer realistic effects and noisy supporters who let the slugfest even more stimulating.

Free Download: EA SPORTS™ UFC® for PC – EA SPORTS™ UFC® for Android

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