East Legend Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

May 9, 2015, Category: Games
East Legend Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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East-Legend-Online-for-PC-Free-download   The category of RPGs is well represented in the mobile games, but almost always follow to the letter formulas popularized in video games or are too simple – both in visual as mechanically. With East Legend PC, gambling reaches a new level, combining a compelling story and a precise gameplay, making you feel like a real hero.

Let’s be honest: it is practically impossible to not have a good impression of the game right away. This thanks to a beautiful opening sequence that tells the story of the world of Chalice and how demons began attacking the region. It’s almost a film production is made in real time and with the graphics of the game itself.

This introduction, as well as almost all screens of East Legend PC , are made entirely in 3D, featuring beautiful surroundings, very charismatic and iconic characters and Visual effects of drool — all in the best manga/anime style. The sound quality is not behind, with an epic track rolling and sounds well produced for scams and everything else.

The tutorial is well written – unfortunately only in English-, does a good job in giving the player a General on the mechanics of the game and has the correct duration, without extending too much and harassing the user. It helps the fact that this step be enough linked to the plot, making the bridge between the heroes of the past and the protagonist.

Nuking everything without difficulties

Despite not having any big news on the issue of the control of the characters, the virtual joystick displayed on the screen of the cell phone or tablet is very efficient in time to explore the maps and fall on your ass. Anyone who has ever experienced the action RPG style games, as SoulCraft and SoulCraft 2-Action RPG, will feel very comfortable in gambling.

The left portion of the display is reserved for a directional moving heroes and – best of all – it doesn’t stay at a specific position, appearing in the location where is your thumb. On the right are the attack buttons and skills, with the ability to use special moves both the leader of the Group and of the other members of the posse.

At least at the beginning, the monsters, animals and other characters of demonic faction sympathizers do not present a challenge to adventurers. Just a good rotation of spells and attacks matadors to clean hordes of opponents. Of course, over time, they’re getting smarter and powerful, demanding that you plan your strategy.

His own Cadence with which the heroes are gaining strength will force the player to change his approach during the fighting, mainly against the top guys. Knowing when to switch between who leads the bunch – something that can be done by touching the paintings in the upper left corner of the screen – becomes paramount to the success of the missions.

Free Download: East Legend for PC – East Legend for Android

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