Elune Saga Online for PC – Free Download

December 5, 2014, Category: Games
Elune Saga Online for PC – Free Download
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Elune-Saga-for-PC-FreeElune Saga is a role-playing game filled with fights in which your mission is to become the most powerful hero of Astoria.

Here, you’ll explore the Kingdom, recruit new adventurers to your group and make your character’s connection with spiritual beings for varied abilities.

The game features some elements of card game, specifically with regard to creatures that are connected to the hero. However, in General, he has a fully functioning and war strategy RPG, with timephased adventure for you to have more control over how long you want to play every game.

Traveling by Astoria

Soon to join the game you have a brief introduction to the history, represented by a tutorial for you to complete some tasks. He’s going to be an overview of the world of Astoria, as well as the prospect of all the actions that can be taken in the game – and how to perform them. The central screen of the game follows the same line of that seen in other RPGs.

At the top left are the data of your character, while on the right there are the soulstones, count of money of the game and of spiritual creatures that you have. The game is entirely based on fighting, and so it is always good to keep an army of characters who have varied skills, ensuring that the fighting be vanquished efficiently.

The game has a system for you to summon spiritual creatures and join them to your character, causing him to win more power in their skills.

Free Download: Elune Saga for PC – Elune Saga for Android

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