Empire & Allies Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

May 10, 2015, Category: Games
Empire & Allies Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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Empire-&-Allies-online-for-PC-Windows-free-download-Empire-&-Allies-online-for Android-free-downloadEmpire & Allies was a former Zynga’s game of turn-based strategy for Facebook. Now he was totally renovated for most current platforms. The title has gained a new visual and gameplay more focused on devices with touch screen.

The new dynamic was whimsical and well with what is seen in similar games. You must construct an army from scratch, build bases, towers and equipment that will provide more military power to your future predominant army. Besides having social elements of multiplayer, the game still has a kind of campaign that guarantees fun for hours.

Other multiplayer elements present in the game are alliances between players from around the world. They can exchange materials and other benefits. But there is also the option of war among themselves, which should bring some conflict among friends unexpectedly.

The Allies also can assemble items in your backfield to help you in return for some benefits and other elements that will strengthen both sides and create alliances almost unbreakable.

Empire & Allies also had very good graphics jobs and renewed, with a visual that bet more realistic mode of play and misses some strange characters from before. Worth checking out the new version, though some functions of old game have been removed.


Free Download:Empire & Allies for PC – Empire & Allies for Android

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