Endless Run Magic Stone Online for PC – Free Download

January 5, 2015, Category: Games
Endless Run Magic Stone Online for PC – Free Download
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Endless-Run-Magic-Stone-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Endless Run Magic Stone PC is a game similar to the famous Temple Run, with the main difference you can attack enemies that appear in front of you: as long as the blow is delivered in time to hit the target, you can survive and end up with the opponent without problems – except when your weapon is too weak, in which case he is only blocked and the enemy remains unscathed.

Regardless of the scenario in which you are running, the graphs of Endless Run Magic Stone are nothing elaborate: in it, not even the excuse of “be retro just pasting, because carelessness in visual is glaring. Not only by low resolution, but the contours of the characters are ridiculously serrated, something that is not acceptable with the technologies available to create something better.

Paving the way with the sword

With a good gameplay, simply tap the screen with the right gestures, at the right time, to achieve what you want – just the control via accelerometer is perhaps a little too sensitive, and may get in the way at times. About the tutorial available, it shows the existing dangers and how to react to them only in the basic scenario, forcing the player to lose a few matches to find out how to act in each context.

Despite serious flaws presented, what is “topped up” with a repetitive music (even if it is compatible with the proposal for a way commendable), Endless Run Magic Stone still manages to be a lot of fun. This probably is due to the ability to level up, buy upgrades fixed and killing enemies, because it gives RPG elements to the game as well as a strong sense of progression.

Free Download: Endless Run Magic Stone for PC – Endless Run Magic Stone for Android

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