Evolution Planet Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download

September 23, 2015, Category: Games
Evolution Planet Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download
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Evolution-Planet-Android-Game-APK-Free-Download-for-pc-windowsEvolution Planet PC is an online color matching game with puzzle elements. The player must join the creatures of the same color to upgrade them and raise animals increasingly advanced in genetic evolution. The great advantage of this title is the movement of “pieces”, which are living things and gather automatically when there are more than three in the same location.

The game offers a variety of missions, each with a different goal, how to create five jellyfish or three frogs, for example. The simplest unit is the blue cell that, when joined with three other, becomes the next creature of the evolutionary chain.

As well as in Candy Crush, the user has at his disposal some lives that serve to play on different screens. If you use all the pieces and not be able to meet the goal set, will have to spend a heart to play it again.

In some levels, the objective changes to protect the animals of the terrible amoebas. They are the primary enemies of the game and you can only beat them with more evolved animals. Therefore, think carefully before you position the little critters.

Free Download: Evolution Planet for PC – Evolution Planet for Android

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