Explorers: Skull Island Online for PC/Windows Free Download

May 16, 2015, Category: Games
Explorers: Skull Island Online for PC/Windows Free Download
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Explorers-Skull-Island-online-for-PC-Windows-Free-Download- Explorers-Skull-Island-online-for-Android-free-downloadIn past centuries, Taming unexplored regions was the main challenge of who had blood adventurer pumping through our veins. However, if things are complicated when everything goes according to plan, just imagine what it was like when a minor accident at sea was on the way. Explorers: Skull Island allows you to participate in one of these stories.

Although the animations of the game are not exactly beautiful-looking that were created with few tables –, the visual of Explorers: Skull Island calls a lot of attention. In addition to a beautiful setting modeled in 3D, the characters and pre-rendered constructions are detailed and has a very interesting style – something you don’t usually see in this genre.

The soundtrack could wrap their gambling with praise if it weren’t for one thing: there is only one music rolling and she is extremely short. This ends up doing with that, after only a few minutes devoted to the game, the song Marie quickly. Sounds like a joke, but there comes a time that the repetition of the rhythm becomes unbearable. A shame.

At most, the gameplay does not present any kind of secret to those who have experienced other simpler simulators. Touch certain items on the screen so that the heroes can perform actions such as collecting, cutting and build and use menus to browse catalogs of constructions, ornaments and all kinds of elements that can be added to the map.

Resources are all

Explorers: Skull Island had everything to be a simulator for beginners, with beautiful graphics, a simple game system and a cool background story. However, all the fun is put aside as soon as you start the game for the first time. The tutorial is mandatory and quite extensive, requiring it to be done exactly what he asks for the plot advance.

This long introduction requires the player to burn the maximum possible resources to erect the camp elements, clearing the Woods in the surroundings and retrieve the other members of the group. Silver coins, gold bars, bottles of potions and machetes are quenched in a blink of an eye. This is especially sad because it’s really hard to recover these items.

The option made available by the developer to make the player filling their pockets and empty your wallet – virtual real – is flooding the pop-ups game offering packages and more packages of features that vary between $ 2.81 and $ 283,87. These Windows are intrusive, break the rhythm of gambling and become irritants in very little time.

Difficult to play

Talking about rhythm, Explorers: Skull Island failed – and – in giving a Cadence to the matches. That’s because, outside common activities like pulling weeds and collecting water, some of the basic tasks of the game require many hours to be completed. Of course this is a ruse used to force the player to use resources to speed up every process.

Other titles do this sort of thing, but, in the case of Explorers: Skull Island, this is not done gradually so that the time of completion of the activities will increase as you evolve your camp. Right off the bat you’re received by actions that leave their three characters locked for too long, which gives a pretty daunting.

Thus, it is only recommended for those who are fond of waiting for countdowns clear or anyone who likes a lot of close Windows that take up the entire screen and that disrupt your play session. The Simulator also fits like a glove for those who just won the lottery and don’t know what to spend his fortune. Tip: don’t spend it in this game.

Free Download: Explorers: Skull Island Online for PC / Online for Android

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