EZ PZ RPG Online for PC – Free Download

April 13, 2015, Category: Games
EZ PZ RPG Online for PC – Free Download
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EZ-PZ-RPG-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   The game EZ PZ RPG PC is a fun little game of battles in which you need to evolve a character for that fight in increasingly difficult stages. He is fully automatic in the disputes, but you need to equip your hero and make strategic choices to ensure a greater number of victories.

For those who do not have time

This game is perfect for those who enjoy RPG, but has no time left to play the traditional games. With him, you don’t even have to leave the app open, since the battles happen automatically and you just have to go back every once in a while to equip or sell the items gains. In addition, if you are losing a lot of fights, may be appropriate back a phase, for example.

Because it is so simple, it’s great for casual players and who do not want to spend too much time on a game only. It’s like one of those games of plantations or building of civilizations: you need to collect the winnings, accepting missions and challenges and allow him to do all the rest alone. If you’re afraid that Marie soon, however, know that the game is much more than the battles!

Evolution and strategy

The battles may be automatic, but you need to direct your character with the best combat strategy. Choose the attributes it to evolve, buy new items, learn what can be sold and not miss any daily bonus! There’s plenty of action to be made; Despite the struggles, you won’t get automatic with nothing to do.

To evolve more, you can access special areas, in which the battles take place with other real players. In these games, you can play separately or in conjunction with teams. To succeed in these endeavors, you can meet other players in chat rooms, which are open from the beginning.

In other words, even if the online battles are blocked at the beginning, you can make friendships that will be useful in the future. This game is totally translated into Portuguese, so you don’t have to speak English; an advantage for those who want a gambling in their native language. The translation of the interface is great and there are chat rooms for the Brazilian participants.

Is it worth it?

EZ PZ RPG is a simple game, but full of action. He doesn’t have all the excitement of battles in shifts in which you have active participation, but is good for those who don’t have time to be playing all the time. It is worth testing this RPG, which brings strategy, character evolution, online battles and formation of teams.

Free Download: EZ PZ RPG for PC – EZ PZ RPG for Android

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