FALCO Launcher for PC (Windows 7/8, Mac) – Free Download

January 30, 2015, Category: Apps
FALCO Launcher for PC (Windows 7/8, Mac) – Free Download
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FALCO Launcher – Fast, Best, Boost is a program for customizing the system, bringing an initializer that also offers a system for optimizing memory of your device. This function is displayed directly on the screen and with a touch he performs any action – eliminating the need for a manual configuration for the task.

The change in Home is really significant, since it removes one of the most traditional sectors of Android, which is the application drawer. The installed programs will be seen directly on the Home and the most popular are grouped into folders according to its category. But, don’t worry, because you can rearrange them, if desired.

Some system icons are changed, however, your wallpaper remains the same and he doesn’t bring alternative wallpapers for you to apply. Keep in mind that your current initializer widgets are completely lost when installing the application, and I need to add them on the screen manually, if desired.

Less props

The general idea of this launcher is centered on practicality and access speed and therefore he doesn’t bring a lot of settings related to your visual part itself. Still, those available modify the behavior of the items on the screen, and you can hide labels and display larger icons, for example.

Similarly, you can change the effects of scroll, leaving the fixed wallpaper or during the exchange of rotating screens, define the ordering of the contents of folders and show or hide the search bar, among other options. The implementation of the functions typically requires only the choice of the desired item, making its use very simple.

As typically occurs with this type of program, any changes are worth while the launcher is installed, getting active permanently until you make the exchange for another program. If you like the app is interesting mark it as the program to be used as a standard for accessing the Home, avoiding having to make that choice constantly.

Free Download: FALCO Launcher for PC FALCO Launcher for Android

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