Farmdale Online for PC – Free Download

December 16, 2014, Category: Games
Farmdale Online for PC – Free Download
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Farmdale-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Farmdale PC  is a farm management game very intuitive that puts you to take care of the growth of a magical farm. To earn money and experience, it is necessary to grow crops, raise animals and pay close attention to the list of goals.

Village of joy

The gameplay has a formula common in the genre and pleases the intuitiveness. Whatever action you want to perform, everything can be done with just a touch, since context buttons appear in the right places and you never have to worry about complex interface screens.

The isometric graphics draw attention for quality and vivid colors. Objects are very detailed and the dolls and animals move in a consistent manner, giving life to the rural environment. The effects of light, which darken the unexplored places and illuminate the others, are very beautiful and give an extra charm to the scenarios.

Handsome, but a bit slow

The soft music that rocks the gambling help gamers to stay relaxed in the village. In turn, the interactions and ringtones are represented consistently and joyfully, because each item has a characteristic noise.

Waiting times and salted prices of transactions are the only elements that should bother, especially people less patients. However, if you plan to play casually or not bother to spend a few dollars, the Farmdale is a good thing.

Free Download:   Farmdale for PC – Farmdale for Android

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