Fight for Middle-Earth Online for PC – Free Download

December 10, 2014, Category: Games
Fight for Middle-Earth Online for PC – Free Download
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Fight-for-Middle-Earth-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Battle for Middle-Earth PC is a third-person action game in which you can choose to fight alongside humans, of Elves and dwarves or orcs. The game is inspired by the fantastic world created by writer j. r. r. Tolkien for the sagas “the Hobbit” and “Lord of the rings”.

The title is concentrated in a virtually continuous battle. The player has three or four characters to control and where ends of destroying a group of enemies, it is necessary to pass to the other. Orange a little arrow on the screen shows where you should follow with your group, basically delegating missions.

As simple as this structure of the game is also the gameplay. You have a few on-screen controls for use during battles and you don’t have to make complex combinations to target enemies. Despite this, there is a special attack that can be used with some special characters.

Quality graphics

The graphics in the game are good. The scenario is well detailed, with a dark atmosphere and full of elements that make the game more challenging. The textures are good for a mobile game, and the movement of the characters on the screen is very fluid, which gives an aspect more, well-featured for the title. Despite this, there are practically no visual effects, which can leave the game somewhat monotonous over time.

The soundtrack is a song very similar to what we have seen in movies of the series the Hobbit and Lord of the rings. So, if you’re a fan of them, will be able to enter very well this whole plot.

Finally, we can say that the struggle for Middle-Earth is a very exciting and full of action. Nevertheless, something is missing to make it great, once the player does practically nothing but fight indefinitely with dozens and dozens of opponents.

Free Download:  Fight for Middle-Earth for PC – Fight for Middle-Earth for Android

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