Fist of Heroes Online for PC – Free Download

April 18, 2015, Category: Games
Fist of Heroes Online for PC – Free Download
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Fist-of-Heroes-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Ready for a good dose of punches and kicks. Then, you can start downloading Fist of Heroes PC. The game offers a fun trip as they defeated the zombies. The more of these terrible monsters, won more of them appear, and at a higher speed.

In addition to good reflexes, it takes a certain pattern, since the creatures are coming from different directions and at intervals of squares per square. What changes is the speed with which they do it.

To have a concrete goal and not only be punching zombies out there, the game lets you unlock characters as we have reached a certain score. This is the most interesting part: play to open new characters with different abilities. However, don’t think this will be a simple task, since scores are required to release the towering heroes.

Cute … that’s all

It is noticeable that Fist of Heroes aren’t you the least bit worried about impressing players with lush graphics. Both scenarios as the construction of the characters are extremely simple — of course this does not influence the gaming experience, but we missed a whim greater heroes.

The sound also has received no special affection. A tune well repetitive is playing all the time. Not enough to be annoying, since the melody has a lot to do with the mind-blowing atmosphere of the game, but they could give a varied on the trail, right?

In short: Fist of Heroes won’t make you spend hours stuck in your phone or tablet, but can bring a momentary diversion. After all, a quick little game with fast-paced is pretty cool once in a while. Worth checking out.

Free Download: Fist of Heroes for PC – Fist of Heroes for Android

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