Flapping Online Game for PC – Free Download

November 22, 2014, Category: Games
Flapping Online Game for PC – Free Download
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flapping-online-for-pc-downloadIn Flapping Online, you will find a mini game casual with a simple mechanics, but quite challenging. Guiding a birdie by scenarios full of dangers, the mission is to traverse long distances and take many coins to defeat other players.

Online matches with other people

The gameplay is fluid and easy to master, especially for those who have experimented with such titles as the Flappy Bird. The level of difficulty of the Flapping Online does not equates to the famous app sloth, bird but still offers fun, mostly because of the varied scenarios which may present up to mobile obstacles.

The possibility of playing scores directly with people around the world is the element that most points sum to work. The “confrontation” does not occur in real time, but the mechanics of shadows, which shows the path of the opponent in your scenario, leave the exciting matches.

In terms of visual, Flapping Online follows the same pattern of Flappy Bird and should please those who like pixel art. The interface screens are well organized and, in General, the animations and drawings are well made.

About the sound, the app is not very exciting, since it doesn’t play any kind of melody and the few noises available represent only the collisions and the movements of the bird.

Free Download: Flapping Online for PC

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