Forest Defense 2: Ancients War Online for PC – Free Download

January 3, 2015, Category: Games
Forest Defense 2: Ancients War Online for PC – Free Download
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Forest-Defense-2-Ancients-War-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Forest Defense 2: Ancients War PC is a game that innovates the tower defenses, adding action and dynamism to the style. In it, you should not just build a tower and expect your enemies attack, here you should go to top of enemies and throw them out of the forest.

What I like in the game is that good gameplay helps a lot in time to move around and send their pets to attack. It’s all too easy to run: send monsters, move the protagonist, cast spells, collect items … Anyway, it’s all simple and rewarding to do.

Of course, as we move forward, the game becomes more complex, but, still, it’s a “complicated fun” and necessary for the conduct of gambling. After all, nobody wants to be doing the same thing the same way, all the time.

However, being a tower defense, the upgrades are extremely important, and this is the only part where the game suffers: there comes a time when it is necessary to repeat steps multiple times to have sufficient resources to acquire them.

But that beautiful forest you have here

The colorful graphics and well designed contribute a lot to the several hours that you will pass in front of your phone or tablet playing Forest Defense 2: Ancients War. You can see the whim of developers, which, besides the beauty of the forest, created a well diversified fauna into the Woods.

In addition to beautiful images, the player will enjoy a sound very well set with the theme of “forest”. Since birds singing up to the steps of robots of your enemies can be heard. And this without a sense of music in the background — all seamlessly blends.

Download and install Forest Defense 2: Ancients War is a good thing for you that is in order to play a game with tower defense style, but with a bit more action and dynamism. Let’s invoke our army and defend the forest!

Free Download: Forest Defense 2 for PC – Forest Defense 2 for Android

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