Friends Quest Online for PC – Free Download

March 31, 2015, Category: Games
Friends Quest Online for PC – Free Download
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Friends-Quest-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Friends Quest PC is an arcade style game in which you must take your submarine for an ocean full of dangers. In this same environment there are still hundreds of gold coins, and your mission is to collect as many of them as possible.

The gameplay of Friends Quest is simple, the player only needs to go playing then on screen to keep the boat afloat. However, that doesn’t mean she is also agreeable to the player. The touch screen normally were not immediate answers and, if you hold down on the screen to take the submarine up, he simply falls. And if he started to fall, practically there is no turning back. Therefore, the game is somewhat tiring.

Scenarios and sound

The graphics are average. The scenarios are very well detailed and there are several elements on the screen with which your submarine can interact, but there isn’t much movement. Everything’s a little static, and the game has a few visual effects to make it clear when something special happens.

In matter of soundtrack, the game has a background music that plays all the time. She is very lively, but may irritate over time. Moreover, we still have the sound effects, which do not stand out too much and are not as varied as could be, anyway, the game still has an appeal is a survival game simple and fun.

Therefore, if you like this genre, it’s worth doing a test. It’s just not think that this is an excellent game for its category.

Free Download: Friends Quest for PC – Friends Quest for Android

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