Fruit Ninja: Math Master Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download/Play

May 15, 2015, Category: Games
Fruit Ninja: Math Master Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download/Play
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Fruit-Ninja-Math-Master-Online-for-PC-Windows-7-8-Mac-Free-Download-Play   Fruit Ninja: Math Master PC/Online is a game that contains a series of mathematical challenges, with the goal of bringing a fun way to teach the subject. Here, the child will find all sorts of problem, involving accounts of addition, subtraction and multiplication, as well as activities with shapes, numbers and sequences in General.

Each type of problem is separated into an area of the screen and you can enter any one of them since the beginning of the match. Only at the beginning, however, the child must complete a phase of the challenge of sums, because the tutorial is done with her. The options are divided into phases and they all start easier.

However, as the boy progresses, the game will increase the degree of challenge, causing it to not be overly simple. Any of the phases can be incorporated to increase the score, since your progress is stored independently in levels up.

In addition, this feature also makes it a good pastime, because you can interrupt and resume the matches easily.

Great graphic quality

The graph and the drawings are so well prepared, containing a great wealth of detail in the scenario. Moreover, everything is very bright and cheerful, bringing a visual very elegant for General game-something that can help a child not to let you use it. The animations are also with good quality, helping it to be more fun.

The background music is lively and ideal for making you enter the relaxed mood of the game. All other sounds are related to the actions seen on screen and, generally speaking, the audio is perfectly synchronized with the Visual components and they help the player both to maintain their concentration and immersion itself at startup.

The gameplay is good, because all the tasks are performed by the touch screen and, similarly, the commands are answered promptly, and there is no delay in the realization of what was requested. That way, you don’t lose the fun, since this is a game of quick step and still has a control system that lets you easy to manage.

In English

What can be considered as a negative point is the fact that the game be entirely in English. Even if it does not interfere with the task to be performed by the child, if she has difficulties with the language, may not understand exactly what should be done and lose, too, a bit of the plot of the game.

Even with a good quality game is not heavy and can be used normally, even on smartphones a bit more modest.

Free Download: Fruit Ninja: Math Master for PC – Fruit Ninja: Math Master for Android

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