Galaga:TEKKEN Edition Online for PC – Free Download

May 2, 2015, Category: Games
Galaga:TEKKEN Edition Online for PC – Free Download
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Galaga-TEKKEN-Edition-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Galaga: Tekken Edition PC, as the name implies, mix the cast full of iconic characters of Tekken with another classic from Namco Bandai: Galaga. The game was produced to commemorate the 20 years of fighting game franchise.

The game follows the frantic and retro style, in which you control the hero and destroy all other opponents of phases before they do the same with you. The drapery modifies the usual navinhas, which change the style for a pixel art that represents the cast of Tekken.

Play several times

The factor, in addition to being an asset to those who already have a taste for fighting games series, helps keep the game differently, with a new look even more interesting. The possibility of unlocking new characters assists in replay factor, leaving the matches even more cool and fun.

The commands are simple and easy, since it is only necessary to drag your finger to one side and the other of lower bars. The stages are increasingly difficult, so who has a taste for hardcore titles should feel right at home.

However, the game can become somewhat repetitive, perhaps because there are no major variations of scenery or even of enemies. In addition, the title has many ads that appear whenever you die (and cover the whole of the display device), which is quite annoying.

Free Download: Galaga:TEKKEN Edition for PC – Galaga:TEKKEN Edition for Android

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