Galaxy – Chat & Play for PC – Free Download

March 10, 2015, Category: Apps
Galaxy – Chat & Play for PC – Free Download
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   Galaxy is a chat service and virtual reality that has several hobbies and lets you meet people from all over the world, but it also has some problems that can cause he’s not exactly what you are looking for.

What could be better

Despite the images of disclosure, this app is not a social game full of three-dimensional scenarios, shops full of clothes and glamour. Almost everything in the app happens in text mode — you have your avatar and you can decorate your personal page with objects, but there is no 3D world and actual scenarios.

That disappoints a little who is seeking a social game in which you have to complete missions. He is very much a chat service and online forums than that. There are games that can be played, but are mostly paid and many of them are restricted to premium users.

The visual of this app is another detail that leaves a lot to be desired, since it seems that you have opened the internet in the early 2000, and not using a modern and new online service. Everything seems outdated and dated, and not the characters arrive to excite much — the bodies and heads often seem out of place and you cannot customize as you wish.

Meet new people

If you want to make friends and meet new people, this app may be a good tool, since it has a large number of registered users. Are people from all parts of the world, then it might be interesting to speak in English, but there are plenty of Brazilians too, including several competitions and exclusive gifts for speakers of English.

The “Cat/Kitten of the Galaxy”, for example, is a challenge in which users send photos to be chosen the most beautiful and the most beautiful of the network. There are battles of pictures in which you can vote and be voted and thus can meet people in your area and other cities.

The Galaxy has a blog service in which you can post ads and text for all to see. This area is quite simple, but it can be a good way to share your thoughts with other people discreetly.

Is it worth it?

The Galaxy is not a service that impresses, but it has its value. You can find new friends and practice his English talking with people from all over the world, but it would be interesting if he invested in a total change in visual, which is very outdated and counterintuitive. Before you spend your money on that network, it’s worth testing out the free coins whether it is your hobby.

Free Download: Galaxy – Chat & Play for PC | for Android

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