Game of War – Fire Age Online for PC – Free Download

March 27, 2015, Category: Games
Game of War – Fire Age Online for PC – Free Download
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   Game of War  -Fire Age PC is a MMORPG game available for iOS. He follows the classic style gameplay style, with a strong theme, but there are several elements that may not appease many players.

Visual not draws attention

Not surprisingly, Game of War-Fire Age has a medieval look, with castles, mines, armies, swords and everything a game that follows this theme is entitled. However, there are so many elements around the main scenario that you can get confused.

On the smartphone screen, the content is too small, because the image has no quality resolution. And in both, we have elements that are jumping, encouraging all the time you buy game credits.

In addition, the chat conversation between players remains visible all the time and you have both tool bars on top and bottom of the screen. For a game that has so many visuals of building items, the scene full of unnecessary things is really disappointing.

Limited gambling

Those who like MMORPG games already knows that it is essential to interact with other players. However, there are some questionable limitations. For example: you can only move forward in the game to build a mine, and the mine can only be built if you connect the game to your Facebook account.

However, it is necessary to fulfill all the missions that the game imposes. This means that you will always get messages indicating the next step and will be inevitable establish the connection if you want to advance in the game.

There’s no mystery in time to play Game of War-Fire Acts. If on the one hand this pleasing some fans of style, on the other hand, can bring a mediocre game, no major actions or differentials. In General, there are several questionable aspects in the title, it depends on how much you love MMORPGs or not.

Free Download: Game of War – Fire Age for PCfor Android

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