Gemmy Lands Online for PC/Mac/Windows7/8 – Free Download/Play

May 13, 2015, Category: Games
Gemmy Lands Online for PC/Mac/Windows7/8 – Free Download/Play
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Gemmy-Lands-Online-for-PC-Mac-Windows-7-8-Free-Download-Play   Gemmy Lands PC/Online is a fun little game for those who enjoy games of combine parts of same colors. He is very similar to Candy Crush, since it brings occasional challenges with small stages and has a system of life that allows you to have only five holes in a row.

Nice visual, but pixelated

This game has a visual fancy — are 3D scenarios, various animations and many colored elements that match the style — the problem is that he’s not in HD. Ie, if you have a device that has a screen with good resolution, it can get a little pixelated at times, especially in the animated parts.

The test was done in a Galaxy S4 and in many times the quality left something to be desired. It’s not enough to hinder the progress of the game, but ends up taking some of the charm of gambling. This is an application with such beautiful elements, it’s a disappointment to see that various menus and animations are not in HD.

Other than that, however, the joguimnho is very nice. It’s all very colorful and full of three-dimensional elements, as well as various characters well charismatics that inhabit the planet you need to build. The game is all in Portuguese, a big advantage so that everyone can play without losing any explanation.

Be careful with your lives!

This game does not have a traditional power system, which spends some of that feature at all stages, but don’t think it will be easy to circumvent your system lives. Every lost phase, you lose with a heart — in the beginning, this is not a problem since the levels are pretty easy. However, as you advance, you will meet the real challenges of the game.

Each life takes an hour to be recharged, so if you lose all hearts have to wait 60 minutes to earn another chance. It is possible to purchase this feature in the store, but it costs real money. That is, if you don’t want to spend anything with the game, it’s better to have another alternative to play while you wait this recharge for free.

Is it worth it?

Even with this system of lives, this is a great game. He has fun challenges, is all translated into Portuguese, has a colorful visual and various interesting characters. Worth download and test this gambling that promises to fix those who enjoy hobbies to combine equal parts.

Free Download: Gemmy Lands for PC – Gemmy Lands for Android

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