Goblin Defenders for VK Online for PC – Free Download

December 30, 2014, Category: Games
Goblin Defenders for VK Online for PC – Free Download
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Goblin-Defenders-for-VK-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Goblin Defenders for VK is a  PC game that will please those who enjoy tower defense style, however the title can be a little confusing at first due to the ton of information that is given to the player.

A confusing start

At the beginning it seems that everything is learned via “thighs”, because the game explains very quickly mechanical must be digested slowly by beginners. This can alienate those who fail to understand the game with ease.

Once you understand all the nuances of the title and get more familiar is that the player will start to have more fun with the game. Is quite interesting upgrades system, which separates between: enhancements to the heroes, for the towers and to support troops.

Another point that can irritate the players: the energy system. You know that thing like the Candy Crush of having to wait a while to earn a living? Well, he is present in Goblin Defenders for VK, which take much that feeling of fluidity that the tower defenses need both.

The rest is party

Out the problems of the beginning, the game is great fun and has a great visual. The graphics are very nice and well-done, and the scenarios, colorful. Even off stage, when we are working on the basis of goblins or on a map, the animations are present, leaving the game more alive.

The sound also gets points: everything has its characteristic sounds, since the towers shooting arrows or exploding the enemies until the heroes if feuding with the monsters, everything fits nicely.

Therefore, after a rough start, after mastering the mechanics of the game, Goblin Defenders for VK becomes a fun and interesting game. Prepare your defenses and not let the monsters invade your base! Go, warriors!

Free Download: Goblin Defenders  for PC – Goblin Defenders  for Android

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