Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Online for PC – Free Download

December 8, 2014, Category: Games
Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Online for PC – Free Download
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Godfire-Rise-of-Prometheus-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Who was waiting for the release of Godfire: Rise of Prometheus PC can be a little disappointed. The title that promised to be the “God of War” delivers an Android mechanic a little more modest reminiscent of Infinity Blade in some stretches.

Need to refine the mechanics

The gameplay is not bad, but the fights often occur so clumsy, since it is not possible to control the hero directly during the brawl. This limitation causes often Prometheus end up sticking in the middle of several opponents, in addition to limiting strategic opportunities during the clashes.

The operating times are not very exciting, since you cannot attack, and the puzzles, which try to vary a little gambling, are almost always tedious. The dungeons are also linear quickly unveiled and must not hold the character for more than a few minutes in most passages.

Explosive and bloody

In terms of visual, the title of the Vivid Games S.A. still needs optimizations. The game has a nice set of animations, special effects and textures reminiscent of the standard games for consoles. However, all this beauty will only be used in State-of-the-art appliances. Older devices, such as a Galaxy S3, for example, deliver a visual experience disappointing with blurry textures and low definition.

The sounds of Godfire: Rise of Prometheus are well bolados and represent violently each blow and death. The intense music, which uses classical instruments, consolidates an exciting climate with much potential for immersion.


The possibilities of evolution of Prometheus are consistent. The hero can increase constantly its attributes and equip weapons and armor stronger. However, the price of salted coolest items and lack of changes in gameplay makes these resources are not always sufficient to arrest the attention of the most demanding gamers.

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