Gummy Drop! Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download/Play

December 15, 2014, Category: Games
Gummy Drop! Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download/Play
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Gummy-Drop!-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Gummy Drop! PC/Online brings more an alternative game to you combine three to three candy, with the more traditional operating mechanism of category. In it, you will trade little pieces in order to place adjacent position equal elements side by side, in the same row or in the same column.

The story behind the game involves rescuing gelatin and mints do buildings in various parts of the world, but the game itself is focused on combinations, leaving the plot only as a “backdrop”. As usual, although three items are the least to form a combination, large chains are awarded more points.

Similarly, these larger combinations generate items that destroy more pieces in the scenario. The command of the game is simple, since you just “drag” with the finger the little pieces that you want to change places and the time of response to touch is immediately, causing the action to occur exactly when you perform.

Lightweight, but without losing the elegance

The graph and the drawings are in two dimensions, but are very well made and colored mints, recalling with varying formats. The background music is lively, but at the same time she can be smooth, preventing the player lose focus. The other sounds are related to the actions of the game and are well synchronized with the animations.

To win a stage, you need only complete the mission proposal within the maximum number of entries allowed. The levels are stored independently, allowing you to redo any of them if you want to increase your score. In addition, this characteristic makes it good to pass the time, whether you have just a few minutes available.

Despite having a good system of animation and colorful graphics, the game is lightweight and won’t let your device locked during use. So, certainly the Gummy Drop! It’s a hobby suitable for who likes the genre called stones and colors, especially those who bring the traditional exchanges mechanism.

Free Download: Gummy Drop! for PC – Gummy Drop! for Android

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