I Hate Fish Online for PC – Free Download

December 25, 2014, Category: Games
I Hate Fish Online for PC – Free Download
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I-Hate-Fish-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   I Hate Fish PC  is a puzzle and action game in which your objective is to guide a worm across oceans. Face the greatest dangers of seven seas to help this worm to cross the sea and arrive at its destination safely.

The game is very well produced and offers beautiful details, plus lots of fun for players. The characters have details who call a lot of attention, as well as the scenario, which makes the experience much better

Fun and excitement

I Hate Fish provides plenty of fun for players because it has a rather interesting game mechanics. Although not innovative, you can slide the Upstage wall climbing or moving forward, dodging obstacles while collecting coins and shoot the enemies.

This provides enough unbridled action. In addition, you can enhance your gun and your boat, making them even more powerful, which makes it even more fun. Add as much currency as you can and don’t forget to go up to the edge to regain his oxygen.

Exquisite production

I Hate Fish charts are very well done. They are very similar to Worms, besides remember cartoons. In addition, the less and all other elements has neat details, what makes gambling even more interesting.

The animations also call to attention for quality. All objects have incredible detail that make the game much more flashy. The sound is also quite competent direction, involving even more players in the game.

Free Download: I Hate Fish for PC – I Hate Fish for Android

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