Head Soccer La Liga Online for PC – Free Download

January 21, 2015, Category: Games
Head Soccer La Liga Online for PC – Free Download
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Head-Soccer-La-Liga-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Head Soccer La Liga PC is a game for Android that brings exciting football matches with miniature characters. Showing major disputes between only two players, revives the classic title joke of “gol gol”.

The game takes the player to one of the largest and richest football leagues in the world, the English Premier League. The app brings the top clubs of the League, in addition to a large cast of stars.

Uncomplicated gameplay

The game works with the commands on the screen, and you can move, jump, kick and use special power. At first, it might seem that the player’s movements are extremely limited, however, by buying upgrades you can improve your jump, speed and strength of the kick.

Despite being in English, the game displays Visual statements about its controls and its dynamics. The response to commands is good and you don’t find any problem in time to control your character.

Audiovisual set fun and well done

Everything in the game presents a visual caricature, as well the characters themselves, since huge heads in a small body are capable of creating hilarious scenes.

There are a wide variety of players, each with distinct characteristics. In addition, the sounds of the game are good and there are special effects when you kick, scores goals and uses their scams, something that helps to maintain the intensity of gambling.

Gets repetitive

The fact that the app bringing the purchase of improvements and new characters makes it a lot more fun. On the other hand, it stops appearing as a negative point in the game. The prices of some things are practically nonsense, requiring you to play several matches to get the amount needed.

Another weak point is in the absence of special items found at the scene. In other titles in the genre, you can collect items that can change the course of the match, how to freeze the opponent or increase the size of the goal.

Free Download: Head Soccer La Liga for PC – Head Soccer La Liga for Android

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