Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure for PC – Free Download

November 28, 2014, Category: Games
Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure for PC – Free Download
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Help-Me-Jack-Atomic-Adventure-for-PC-Free-Download-onlineThere’s no shortage of games adventure & RPG cliches in the mobile market, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to find an option a little more creative. Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure is a hack’n ‘ Slash that may seem ordinary at first, but which reveals, with the passing of the missions, which the creators have implemented a full deep mechanics of evolution and customization options.

Intuitive Brawl

The gameplay itself does not bring surprises to the veterans in the genre, since the control scheme uses a common layout and just crush a few buttons to set off the enemies. The commands respond with perfect accuracy, ensuring that the Warrior move gently in isometric and scenarios can Dodge strategically for the attacks.

The extensive inventory, the skills tree complete and the three available classes are a full plate for the most committed players who want to reset the game and explore all your bowels. The possibility of teaming with partners also significantly expands the dynamics of struggles and makes it less repetitive action.

Prepare the card

However, it is important to stress that, although it is free, Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure has a relatively aggressive monetization mechanics. Anyone not willing to spend a few dollars with microtransactions won’t have access to all the possibilities and can, easily, if frustrating.

In terms of visual, the app from NHN Entertainment Corp. not cherishes for realism, but that is not a problem. The cartoon style stripped of images matches the bustling mechanics work and explosive effects of the fighting are really cool. The three-dimensional modeling are also consistent and textures have good definition.

Total immersion

Developers do not spared efforts in sounds, which represent a coherent and well synchronized all the bumps, detonations and events that occur on the adventure. The songs varied, which change according to the situation, are immersive.

Free download: Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure for PC – Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure for Android

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