Hero Jump Online for PC – Free Download

March 20, 2015, Category: Games
Hero Jump Online for PC – Free Download
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   Hero Jump PC is a game in which you take on the role of a sort of cover of Superman. Your goal is to run the longest distance possible between two buildings, using his power of flight to complete the mission.

The scene is full of obstacles and collectable extras, which ends up requiring a lot of agility of players in time to play in the display of the device: even though the mechanics use just one button, to get away from all old ladies throwing bombs at you have to play at a frenetic pace.

Difficult and fancy

The difficulty is progressive, but the farther you go, the more coins you earn to buy new heroes and pets, which offers gamers more agile with bonuses. Ultimately, you need to set the timing to get sneak out of all competitions.

The power ups are varied and fun to use, which encourages the want to play more often in order to catch all the available types — in this sense, Hero Jump resembles Jetpack Joyride and his powerful monsters.

The graphics bring a cartoonish 3D modeling, which combines very well with the proposal of the game looking like an HQ. The scheme extends to the scenarios and for pets, being charismatic and whimsical.

The sound effects and the trail, however, could improve. A better and less repetitive music would help in replay factor, since you play often with volume on just getting tired even faster.

Free Download: Hero Jump for PC – Hero Jump for Android

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