Heroes Charge Online for PC – Free Download

December 15, 2014, Category: Games
Heroes Charge Online for PC – Free Download
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Heroes-Charge-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Heroes Charge PC is a game that mixes combat, strategy and RPG in the right measure, providing exciting and accessible games that are perfect for the moments of leisure.

RPG, strategy and action

Unlike other titles in the genre that require skill with real-time controls, the uCool app has a much more strategic and casual appeal, since the soldiers attack alone and you can play without difficulty even in times when it is only possible to hold the device with one hand.

The simple gameplay and charismatic heroes transform the Heroes Charge in a game extremely addictive. Another positive attribute is that they can be purchased new characters that improve their skills over time, as well as in more traditional RPGs.

Alone or online

The possibility of facing challenges with progressive difficulty level in a single player campaign or fight real people on the internet leaves the app quite broad because it enables gamers to have fun in many ways without getting stuck with a mechanical one.

In terms of visual, the uCool reveals very whim on the part of the developers. The interface screens are well organized, the drawings are expressive and all the textures are crisp. Another striking feature is the large number of particle effects that arises during battles.


The soundtrack is epic and combines perfectly with the style of Heroes cartoon, remembering the pattern of other major RPGs. The sound effects also stand out for the quality and wide range, eliminating any feeling of repetition and consolidating immersive environments.

The title lose some points by salty prices of some items, to be in English only and also by the limitations imposed on players who are not prepared to spend with microtransactions.

Free Download:  Heroes Charge for PC – Heroes Charge for Android

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