Highway Racer vs Police Cars Online for PC – Free Download

December 22, 2014, Category: Games
Highway Racer vs Police Cars Online for PC – Free Download
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Highway-Racer-Police-Cars-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Highway Racer PC is a 3D racing game that puts you in control of a vehicle on highways full of other cars. Its mission is to cover the greatest distance possible before its powerful get involved in a fatal accident.

The arcade gameplay allows you to enjoy yourself quickly and uncompromised, although it requires a lot of skill to control the vehicle. The control scheme is rather simple, because simply control trigger throttle and brake via buttons on the screen and control the vehicle with the device’s accelerometer.

Graphics exude adrenaline

Animations and special effects do a great job, bringing exuberant and parts explosions that release of cars when there is a very strong beat. In contrast, the 3D modeling don’t impress, performing a poor job with lights and shadows.

The sound effects match the game, as the noise of the motor and the lively music during matches. The background music is lively, to make you enter the atmosphere of adrenaline and speed.

Easy to learn, difficult to master

The level of difficulty may seem high at first, since it is required a good deal of coordination, speed and mental agility to not give face obstacles. However, as you advance, vehicles with better mobility start to appear.

The English language does not prevent the player understands the game, since they are used universally known words in games of this genre and the interface is perfectly clear and intuitive.

Free Download: Highway Racer for PC – Highway Racer for Android

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