Hollywood U: Rising Stars Online for PC – Free Download

December 18, 2014, Category: Games
Hollywood U: Rising Stars Online for PC – Free Download
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Hollywood-U-Rising-Stars-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   The Hollywood game U: Rising StarsPC  is a great way to spend time with a high social network simulator in the world of cinema. It is well done, has a very interesting tutorial on beginning and promises to be a great game for those who want to achieve fame and wealth, even if it’s virtual way.

The theme of this game is not new; There are many simulation games with this kind of story. However, he innovates by presenting not only the paths more glamorous, like the fashionista and movie actress, but also as Director, for anyone who wants to be a star behind the camera. That is, you can choose from the beginning what will become.

Complete Visual and well done

The visual of this game is great and full of details and differentiated scenarios. At first, you can get lost with so many options and buttons on the interface, but the tutorial of the game is quite complete and promises to guide any player by first tasks, until everything is well explained.

That is, if you found the game too complex and full of Visual elements, don’t worry: all you need is to fulfill the first tasks and he soon becomes more simple and easy to play. The visual whimsy is noted in each scenario, since there are small animations constantly and everything is very colorful and rich in detail.

Interesting tasks

This is not a hard game, so possibly tasks won’t make you spend hours trying to perform them. On the contrary, this game is light and fun, a chance to spend time in Nice shape. Everything you do spend energy — and that leaves a little to be desired — then try doing their best to not need to repeat anything.

The purchases are also a highlight of the game: you must show that you have good taste and knows to combine very well all clothing styles, creating the most unique looks from hollywood! Whatever path you choose, one thing: you will have great moments of relaxation with this game!

Free Download:  Hollywood U: Rising Stars for PC – Hollywood U: Rising Stars for Android

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