Home: Boov Pop! Online for PC – Free Download

March 31, 2015, Category: Games
Home: Boov Pop! Online for PC – Free Download
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   Home: Boov Pop! PC is a fun puzzle game with an extremely simple gameplay and captivating. To win, simply just blow bubbles several, grouped with the color tables.

Gambling is extremely simple: all you need to do is put the pieces that are scattered around the scene for them to explode. The more pieces you eliminate at the same time, the greater your chances of success.

Fun explosions

The phase diagram is very similar to most games of this genre, in that you need to follow a trail of steps. The more you advance more new challenges appear, requiring insight of the players. It also ensures more versatility for the matches.

Home: Boov Pop! has good controls easy to be assimilated. Basically, all you need to do is touch the bubbles and drag your finger, trying to capture the largest possible quantity of pieces of the same color. In addition, each stage has a certain number of bubbles and limited movements.

A journey through the film

The game looks fantastic, totally based on the movie. Visual production is very well done, with very detailed graphics and rendered. In addition, the title press by animations, with several explosions and effects of first.

Live an adventure full of dangers and adventures in a fun game. Conquer new power-ups and characters that provide special powers for you to win stages more quickly. Don’t wait another minute, download now Plumb.

Free Download: Home: Boov Pop! for PC – Home: Boov Pop! for Android

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